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Income distribution and fiscal policy in Gabon:
a computable general equilibrium model
with maximum entropy principle



      This paper uses a computable general equilibrium(CGE) model (with the code GAMS) to assess the impact of Gabon’s government fiscal policy on income distribution, in a way similar to Shoven and Whalley models (1972, 1984). In fact, Gabon is a small petroleum country without any influence on the international market. The answer to this issue could provide first insights into the eve of geographical barrier suppression between countries forming the Monetary and Economic Community of Central Africa (CEMAC).

      Cross entropy econometrics technique is used to estimate the behavioural parameters of the model. These techniques have recently been proved to be much more efficient than the classical calibration approach criticized for lack of scientific foundations.

Simulations from the model show that lower import tariffs has higher negative impact on revenues of very low income households than on high income families. However, these conclusions must be carefully analysed due, among other reasons, to the use of a one period sample to asses parameters of the model.


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