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Anna Baj-Rogowska



Medical Data Flow and Exchange of Medical Data
between Integrated HIS - RIS - PACS systems




      Informatization of a medical services facility is a long and systematic process, undergoing continual development and requiring high financial outlays.  Data processing and computer-aided medical diagnostics are only possible at the advanced stage of this process. The paper presents a model of data flow and exchange between Hospital Information System (HIS) – Radiology Information System (RIS) – Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), based on an exemplary case of an IT-supported patient treatment and diagnostics process segment, under conditions of this process total integration. Moreover, the paper discusses two basic standards: DICOM and HL7, the purpose of which is to facilitate and prompt IT systems interoperability. Application of these standards contributes to reduction of integration costs and guarantees the IT systems buyer the complete data exchange between the systems. 

         The paper ends with a presentation of a wide variety of benefits resulting from deployment of integrated IT systems in medical care units. These benefits include radical improvement of activities in many various dimensions and what is most important, they result in a better organized and safer treatment of patients.


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