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Piotr Niedzielski

Tomasz Norek



IT support of knowledge management in the area
of a company's innovative potential




         The issue of knowledge management is seen as an important element of creating a competitive advantage and as a factor affecting creation of a company's value. The debate concerning the issues of knowledge management equally focuses on the methods and techniques of gathering knowledge and on technical measures utilized in this process. It is especially visible in the areas of knowledge distribution, processing and storing.

         For a long time, formalized knowledge management was in fact only reserved for large companies. Meanwhile, increase in market competition and the dynamic changes in companies' external environment in recent years have made also small and medium enterprises attach great importance to the issues of knowledge management. It is espe-cially visible in attempts to support knowledge management in the areas which are considered core from the point of view of increasing competitiveness of the company on the market. Knowledge management in the field of company's innovative potential or in the area of the intellectual capital may serve as an example.

This situation forces search for new solutions of knowledge management in the field of research and evaluation of the innovative potential of companies. Dedicated IT systems which facilitate gathering and analyzing of data describing the innovative potential of companies may be a partial solution to the aforementioned problems.

         An audit of the company's innovative potential based on modern IT solutions may be an example of such a dedicated IT system. It may be a perfect tool for creating knowledge about the company's innovativeness and it may stimulate construction of and improvement in the strategy in the field of innovativeness development.

The purpose of this article is to present an Internet platform for innovation audit, as a tool which supports knowledge management. The presented solution (which is based on the original IT system) is a research tool developed by the employees of the Department of Innovation Effectiveness, Faculty of Management and Economics of Services, University of Szczecin.

         First researches completed by the presented system indicate that this is a very effective tool, which have a significant impact on supporting knowledge management in the field of gathering and processing information concerning crucial areas, which create innova-tive potential, and conduct precise evaluations of the company operations.



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