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Marcin Wichorowski



Integrated Ocean Data and Information Management
System (ZSPDO
– data stewardship for science and decision makers




         Oceanographic data originated from worldwide experiments have growing importance and influence on decisions processes and policymakers. There are also base of further scientific research and services for environmental research, spatial planning and administration. Accessibility to information for decision makers is crucial for leading such processes. All organizations involved in oceanographic research and data providers are responsible for maintaining infrastructure for data storing, processing and running data providing services. These data, originating from different sources are being processed according to common practice elaborated through generations of oceanographers; however there appears to be a very strong demand for standardization of data management and quality assurance procedures, especially while facing problems regarding cooperation in data exchange. ZSPDO developed by IOPAN will provide high quality data stewardship services allowing data acquisition, storage and accessibility.



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