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Enterprise System Selection Process
in Polish organizations




         The purpose of this paper was to examine the Enterprise System selection process in Polish organizations from the perspective of adopting organizations with the use of a survey study method. The survey among 27 enterprises resulted in the conclusion, that the most significant criterion for the ES selection is fit with the functional requirements. Thus the requirements’ analysis should be in the center of the selection process, which was confirmed by the second step in the survey. It revealed that  more than half of the examined enterprises (55,56%) used an approach based on the detailed functional requirements specification. A large subgroup, constituting 40,74% of all examined enterprises performed a business process analysis to facilitate the requirements gathering process. The second group of enterprises, constituting 18,52% of the sample decided not to perform the detailed requirements analysis, but to ask the possible vendors for the dedicated presentation that would include the functionalities specific for the company/industry. The third group of almost 26% of the examined companies relied on the standard system presentations and opinion of the decision-makers. The generalization of the results to the models of system selection ended up with the formulation of four generic approaches to the system selection, which are:

         Complete model based on detailed requirements,

         ‘Fast’ model based on detailed requirements in which the business process analysis is skipped,

         Dedicated presentations model, in which the decision is based only on the dedicated presentations of the system,

         ‘Gut feeling’ selection, in which the decision is based on the subjective opinion of the decision-makers formulated after the presentations of the standard functionality of the systems.

Further study should be performed to confirm the usability of the above models to the selection of different types of ES systems.



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